Film shoots are slowly returning after months of being shut down due to the coronavirus crisis. With the return of film shoots comes new budget line items to deal with COVID-19. These costs include additional personnel, new equipment, medical testing, and lots of sanitization. In addition to the added direct costs, there are indirect increases in costs due to slower work and increased shooting time. The additional costs of regulatory compliance can be incredibly difficult for independent film productions.

“The budgets will definitely be going up for productions. We are estimating about a 10% increase in our productions,” said Richard…

Humans, like all animals, have evolved over millions and billions of years of trial and error. The modern human species, Homo Sapiens, appeared over 5 million years ago, but it is only in the last 12,000 years that agriculture and civilization have developed. So, for 99.76% of human existence, we grew, evolved, and adapted to one particular way of life, and in the last 0.24% of our existence, we have gone from planting a single seed to living with all of the modern comforts.

The Paleo diet has gained popularity recently, promoting eating like our Neolithic ancestors, consuming only what…

Adam “Edge” Copeland and Kelsey Grammer on the set of Money Plane (2020)

Initially developed by the movie industry in the 1930s, the marketing maxim “The Rule of 7”, states that a prospective customer needs to “hear” or “see” an advertiser’s message seven times before they will take action to purchase a product or service. Industries and marketing mediums have adopted this theory over the last ninety years. What the movie studio marketing teams discovered in the 1930s holds to the film business of today. Potential moviegoers need to repeatedly be informed of a film before they choose to see it.

“Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business seen from…

Indie Films Are Garnering Attention and Making Money in a Changing Entertainment Landscape

Big-budget superhero movies and explosion-packed action films typically headline summer entertainment. But with the global pandemic, 2020 will be known as the blockbuster-less summer. Most major studios are delaying their planned summer releases or changing their distribution strategy to a purely digital one. This lack of blockbusters has allowed independent films to come into the spotlight, garnering critical praise, box office standings, and attention that otherwise only goes to studio films.

In terms of box office numbers, independent films have had an unprecedented year. The summer’s box office champions have been primarily low-budget independent horror films such as Becky, Wretched…

With the COVID-19 virus limiting travel and interaction, many workers are finding themselves working from home for the first time and dealing with an increase in electronic communication. Luckily, dealing with a mountain of email is a problem that has been faced by others before, and they have come up with ways to deal with it. Based heavily on the work of David Allen, Inbox Zero is a productivity philosophy to help deal with all of that incoming electronic communication.

The average office worker receives over 120 emails per day. That is over 600 per week and 30,000 per year…

With the Covid-19 virus limiting travel and interaction, many workers are finding themselves working from home for the very first time. While this may seem like a relaxing way to get work done, most people find being productive challenging when they have limited structure. Luckily, this is a problem that has been faced by the self-employed, creatives, and entrepreneurs for years, and they have come up with ways to deal with it. In today’s article, we will focus on one method, the Pomodoro Technique

“A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to…

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

The LEPP approach to teaching is all based upon the repetition and growth of a skillset. In theory, this is a top-down approach to teaching where a core theoretical idea is built upon through multiple layers of instruction to bring the student to the requisite level of knowledge and practical application. This is the opposite of many of the bottom-up methods of teaching where the individual practical steps are taught first to then culminate in the knowledge of the theory.

LEPP stands for Lecture, Example, Problem, and Practice. This methodology lends itself well to flipped classrooms, hybrid courses, and other…

Kelsey Grammer in Money Plane (2020)

The market for films has been going through a great upheaval and is markedly different today than it was a decade ago. As technology has advanced, so too has the delivery methods of entertainment. Consumers now have almost unlimited choices in how to get their content. The traditional means of going to the theater or watching network television still exist, as do cable and physical DVDs. But there are now numerous streaming platforms and distribution services, and that arena is growing. This means that films can be seen in the theater, purchased on disk, watched on television, downloaded, or streamed…

Kelsey Grammer in Money Plane (2020)

“It’s a project I’m very passionate about” is a euphemism for “It’s something I daydream about, but don’t plan on ever accomplishing”

Passion is for amateurs. Passion is poison to productivity.

When it comes to achieving goals, and moving projects forward, passion is an impediment. This may sound counter-intuitive as passion is often touted as a driving force in development, but that unbridled zeal is like gasoline thrown on a fire. It will put on a show, but be gone in a flash. A passionate person will show enthusiasm and energy in regards to their ambitious project but will be…

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” Die Hard (1988)

To know why Hollywood loves remakes, sequels, and similar stories see Part 1 of this series here.

Die Hard is one of the greatest and most influential action movies ever made (and a Christmas classic, but that’s for another article). It established a simple recipe that has become the standard for a slew of action movies. This recipe has been used over and over again in Hollywood. Just take a look at how many different versions of Die Hard there are (I stopped at a dozen, but there are more).

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